YA Scavenger Hunt

So this was my first year participating in the YA Scavenger Hunt (http://www.yash.rocks/) and it was so much fun! To explain for those who have never heard of it, there are 6 teams (Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple) that each holds 20 Authors. Each of those authors has a post on their websites about #YASH. Each author will “host” another author on their team. This means they have exclusive content, deleted scenes, etc. (TOP SECRET STUFF) Each author also has a number hidden on their page somewhere that you have to keep track of. Once you get all 20 authors’ numbers, you add them together and submit them on the YASH homepage! If you win, you get ALL 20 BOOKS from that team.


So anyways, I spent hours going through all 20 authors of all 6 teams (120 newly discovered authors) and found some wonderful new favorites that I’ve added to my list To Read. I am going to tell you about one author from each team that I’ve newly fallen in love with starting with….

Red Team YASH Fall 2016.jpg  RED!

So my first new favorite is by Shonna Slayton and is called Spindle. Spindle is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty (it’s a spindle…you should get this one). And even more wonderful, the leading lady is named Briar Rose ❤ *Swooning some more* It has a delightful storyline of wanting a guy who doesn’t want you and the best friend who secretly holds a flame for you (getting good already).But then, Briar Rose takes a spinning wheel and sneaks it into her workplace and all of a sudden everyone is falling sick! This is such an interesting twist and I am a sucker for story retellings so this was an immediate interest. It’s sweet, romantic, but refreshing all at the same time. Slayton keeps with the theme with writing with her other wonderful series “Cinderella’s Dress”. Definitely an amazing writer to add to your collection!

Next up:

orange-team-yash-fall-2016 Orange!

I was so excited to see Orange’s team because it had an already favorite of mine by Sara Larson titled “Endure”. This is one of my favorite YA series to date. Starting with Defy, Alexa (Alex) Hollen is introduced as a girl having to hide herself as a boy to keep from being taken to the breeding houses (horrifying). She is super awesome, can take care of herself, and is a fighting BOSS. Alexa’s job is to protect the prince with her brother and friend Rylan all while fighting a budding attraction to the before mentioned Prince Damian. I’ve always loved a female lead that is Mulan-strong but still lacks the relationships that she yearns for. Romantic, empowering and disconcerting, the Defy trilogy will sweep you off of your feet.

gold-team-yash-fall-2016 Gold~

Next on the list is Eliza Tilton’s Daath Chronicles. This follows the story of a boy-turned-man names Avikar (love that name). After losing his brother, another sibling of his is taken and he is determined not to sit behind and let his sister go. Avikar falls into the world of deception and corruption to save his sister that is being fed on by shape-shifters. A totally new and unique story that can be enjoyed by anyone, Crimson Tides is a breath of fresh air. With a strong, coming of age lead male and a beautifully built story line, it will be impossible for you to put down!

green-team-yash-fall-2016 Green!

Next up, Aprilynne Pike’s new book Glitter is all the rage. And just in time! Pike is doing a Pre-sale Giveaway (http://aprilynnepike.tumblr.com/post/149989166916/glitterbook-pre-order-giveaway) for everyone that preorders Glitter. This book takes place in modern day which is a switch-up and super intriguing. The main character, Dani, gets herself a one way ticket to becoming queen through blackmail on a murderous king. And if you didn’t get the murderous part, Dani obviously wants no part in this. And her only way to get away from it all is to sell Glitter, an addicting drug that has swept through the court. Glitter is new and exciting and full of promise. With a touch of romance with a drug dealer,  excitement of becoming a drug dealer herself and living on the edge with a deadly king, this book has a little of everything for every reader. Add this one to your wish list because it won’t disappoint.

Blue Team YASH Fall 2016.jpg Blue

My new favorite for Blue team is Thief of Lies by Brenda Drake. This is Book 1 in the Library Jumper series and it is exactly what you need in life. All of a sudden being sucked into a picture that sends them to a library in Paris, Gia Kearns and her friends must find their way out before being shredded by demonic hounds. With a hottie named Arik leading the way, Gea must choose if she is okay with this new book jumping world and the men living in it. And isn’t this the story we’ve all been waiting for? Being able to jump through books? I mean, I can think of a few that I would most definitely be okay with. Nonetheless, Thief of Lies is a wonderful new series that deserves a place on your shelf.

And last but not least:

Purple Team YASH Fall 2016.jpg Purple!

This was SUCH a hard choice to make, I loved so many of these but I decided on Shade by Marilyn Peake. First off, look how beautiful this cover is. I am a cover-junkie and this is a book I would snatch right off of the shelf (my digital shelf for now). Shade starts with our lovely and interesting lead named Galactic Shade Griffin. Different right? Blame her mom. Could you imagine the bullies you’d encounter in middle school with THAT name? Well, Shade has her fair share of jerks in her life. When making a new move, Shade gets stuck with the ghost of a boy named Brandon Yates. Friends go missing, ghosts become new friends, and life gets even weirder for Shade. Such a beautiful coming of age story that deals with all of those thoughts we all had growing up and being made fun of or being “different”. This is a book you will connect with and have a soft spot for ❤

Even though I only pointed out one book of each team, every one of these books deserves to be put on your shelves. I have so many saved on my Goodreads and I’m slowly working my way through them. The YA Scavenger Hunt is definitely and new favorite activity that I will be involved in every time it comes up! The next YASH will be held in the Spring so stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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