Vein of Love Review

Vein of Love is the first in the Blackest Gold series by R. Scarlett. I got this lovely read through NetGalley and adored it.

Three centuries ago, Molly Darling’s ancestors made a deal with demons. They would protect them and in exchange, one day their family would produce a daughter with the eyesDaemon eyes to be exact. And when that day came, she would marry a demon and give her power over to him.

Now something you should know about Demons. They’re heartless. Well at least half so. Demons are raised to be cruel and affection is laughed at. When given affection, your heart will grow and if a demon reaches a full heart, it will be destroyed and he will become a FULL demon. (I think you can get the picture of a FULL evil creature) Therefore, all demons are pretty much jerks. Which doesn’t look good for Molly Darling because Tensley Knight is a jerk. Almost to a taking it too far point for me though. I always love a book where the love interest plays hard to get or is rude to her for the first half (Ahem, Mr. Darcy) but Tensley doesn’t seem to know when to stop. I mean, he is RUDE. And not in a cute way. Every now and then we’ll have a cute scene between the two then it goes down the drain and he’s back to being a jerk and this pretty much follows through to the end of the book, although he does get a little nicer to her.

My other aggravation was Molly always seemed to be shaking and crying or yelling. She’s very weak in this book and I hope she grows stronger not only in strength but emotionally in the sequel. Simply because I hate it when a female lead is always scared, crying or whining. I want her to be strong. And she has her moments. Oh yes she does. She doesn’t let Tensley walk all over her. But we haven’t seen everything between them yet.

This was a new and unique story that I really enjoyed. Other than a few aggravation points at Tensley and wanting Molly’s knees to quit giving out on her every minute, I really liked Vein of Love. Molly is an interesting character and Tinsley still has some mystery to him and I hope we get to see more into their lives in the sequel Body of the Crime.

Favorite Quote of this book?

“I’m shaking in my Guccis.”


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