~Recommendation Wednesday~

So, as I have been reading several books at one time, I decided to give a book recommendation for this week and that book is:


Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Graceling is one of my favorite books of all time. It has what any person would need in a book whether they are male or female, young or old. This book focuses on a girl named Katsa and she is a Graceling. In this world, it means you have a gift. It shows itself when a child’s eyes settle into two different colors (Katsa’s are blue and green). Different people have different gifts. 

What’s Katsa’s gift?


Katsa is basically used as a thug to the king (not a nice dude). She has the gift of strength, agility, quickness and can put a guy down in seconds without making a noise. (Cool right? I could use that gift on some days) But death isn’t exactly the loveliest of gifts and she tries to keep a hard front for it. 

Seriously, no one can take her.


Then she meets Po.

Po is a good match for her. He can stand his ground against Katsa, which is a first for her. He challenges her. (Even though she is still slightly better *inner girl happy*)


Then comes the real test. Do what the king says, or stand up to a hated monarch? Katsa has to make a choice and live with her Grace. Work with it. But the questions is how will she use it? For others to control or for her to make a stand? And is there more going on in Katsa’s world? Is all as it truly seems or is there more at stake?

Graceling is the first in a beautiful trilogy about powers, strength and deciding what to do with one’s fate. If you like a good fighting book, a powerful lead and humorous characters to back it up, Graceling is for you ❤

Happy Wednesday!!


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