Nemesis by Anna Banks Review


So while being fantastically stuffed for Thanksgiving Break, I decided to get some much needed reading done! And first on that list was Nemesis by Anna Banks


For those of you who do not know Anna Banks, she is the author of The Syrena Legacy series that was absolutely wonderful and you should try it. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today!

“The princess didn’t expect to fall in love–with her nemesis.

Princess Sepora of Serubel is the last Forger in all the five kingdoms. The spectorium she creates provides energy for all, but now her father has found a way to weaponize it, and his intentions to incite war force her to flee from his grasp. She escapes across enemy lines into the kingdom of Theoria, but her plans to hide are thwarted when she is captured and placed in the young king’s servitude.

Tarik has just taken over rulership of Theoria, and must now face a new plague sweeping through his kingdom and killing his citizens. The last thing he needs is a troublesome servant vying for his attention. But mistress Sepora will not be ignored. When the two finally meet face-to-face, they form an unlikely bond that complicates life in ways neither of them could have imagined.

Sepora’s gift could save Tarik’s kingdom from the Quiet Plague. But should she trust her growing feelings for her nemesis, or should she hide her gifts at all costs?”

So this new and unique story line caught my eye immediately. I had seen other bloggers reading it and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And I was not disappointed. Banks created a new world that is easily understood and believed. Sepora comes from a kingdom with a ruler, her father, that is looking to expand into an Empire. And of course, the other kingdoms do not know this information. Sepora is what is called a Forger which means she has the ability to create the element Spectorium. And that is pretty much all that we get from the question ‘What is spectorium?’ We learn that it is used to fuel the energy of each kingdom like our electricity and that it is worth a lot of $$. The book never really explains what the spectorium actually does though. The kingdom of Theoria uses it to preserve their dead in pyramids much like the Egyptians did, the healers use it as a medicine of sorts, and the actual Forgers can create it in a liquid state or they have the ability to create statues and monuments and such. 

So of the Forgers, Sepora believes she is the last among her kind. And her ruler father demands that she Forges so that he can create weapons to destroy the other kingdoms. Sepora wants no part in this and escapes. And all that escape gets her is in a servitude position in the kingdom of Theoria with none other than the Falcon King, the ruler of Theoria which is her father’s kingdom’s… guessed it…..NEMESIS.


Where does Sepora fit in? In a world that wants to use her for her ability, is she allowed to be herself? Can she trust the Falcon King that seems to want to heal his people and also seems to care for her? Or does he want to use her as well? 

Nemesis is unique in every way and gives you a frustrating (in a good way) cliff hanger ending and makes you fall in love with its world and characters along the way. Banks makes you a part of Sepora. When she hurts, you hurt and when she’s happy, you’re happy. This book left me wanting for more and I’m glad that I gave it a chance. 

All in all, I rate Nemesis:

images-1Four Stars!

For more information on Anna Banks and her series’, go to: Anna Banks’ Website

Or find her on Twitter! @ByAnnaBanks

Again, thanks to all who follow me and my reading journey! Until next week!

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