Last Minute Emergencies

So today I’m writing about something a little different. There is no book today. Instead let’s talk about life. My life in particular, but something that seems to happen to all of us at some point.

You know when you finally catch up on bills? Food is in the fridge, Christmas is over and you still just made it on rent, you haven’t had to use those last few dollars on the credit card, and everything just seems to be going fine for once. Then life comes in and slaps you in the face.


(Yes this is a satisfying slap but I couldn’t help myself)

Some of you may know but for those who don’t, on New Year’s Eve it was storming pretty bad in Louisiana and not in the “this is annoying” way but the “my windshield wipers are on high and I still can’t see a thing” way.  Anyways, there is an extremely dangerous curve that you have to turn on to get to my grandparent’s house and that is where we were doing New Year’s this year. As you can guess, I took a trip the wrong way down this curve and ended up crawling out of my car, through a ditch and out the other side. I was completely off of the road but terrified because it was storming and I was in the dark on side of the road in a dress on New Year’s Eve. Luckily my family did not live far away and they were able to get to me pretty quickly. My car was pulled out of the ditch, I was safe, and nothing major seemed to be wrong with my car that couldn’t have an easy fix.


Today is the first day that I’ve driven my car and my brothers told me after looking at the car that my tires needed to be rotated and balanced because they were being eaten up. So after zip tying (yes we’re country) the plastic pieces that had come up after my trip to the ditch river back to my car, I took a trip to Toyota to get my tires fixed. On the way there I realized that my car was overheating extremely bad. (Which wasn’t happening before Ditchtown)


I got to the Toyota location and everyone knows how those trips go. You go in for one thing and all of a sudden you get told so many things are wrong with your car and that you’re lucky you didn’t die on the way there. We all know how this goes. You have to calm yourself down and convince yourself that you will not, in fact, DIE if you do not buy 2 brand new $120 tires that exact day. But it still is not comforting when you hear numbers like $500. And that $500 will not fix what is wrong, but get us to KNOW what is wrong so that THEN we could go about fixing it and until then, you shouldn’t drive your car. 

You didn’t NEED your car, right? And we all have $500 sitting around after Christmas and rent is paid right?


Sometimes life has a way of throwing a wrench in the road when everything has been smooth sailing. How many times have we thought we had enough in the account to buy that extra box of cookies then get to the register and realize that you spent that on toilet paper yesterday? Or when you have a brand new car and someone runs into you at a red light and ruins is? Or when everything is going right and your animal gets loose and runs away? Today was just a day that made me go home and fix myself a glass of wine.


And while drinking that glass of wine, thinking about the money I’ll need to fix my car and how I’m going to get it.


Oh come on. Don’t act like you’ve never contemplated it. Especially all of you college students out there.

Sometime you just think, Why now? But really, when CAN we afford for these things to happen? Mistakes and accidents aren’t planned. And after they happen, you’re in your living room contemplating how you can use a Barnes & Noble gift card to buy food or groceries for the next week while you buy tires to drive in the car that isn’t driveable and the gas you can’t put in it.



I realized something today. After I left my car behind, my boyfriend of almost four years took me back to our humble home together and we opened the door to two sweet little faces. My little man Pippin who is a Chihuahua Schnauzer mix, and Weasley our little rebel cat who recently joined our family this Christmas. And after seeing their faces so happy to see us and settling on the couch with the love of my life, I realized something. This was a happy moment. And it was only a happy moment because the rest of the day was so bad. Without something so negative happening, I would have gone another night in front of the TV or reading a book without realizing how wonderful it was to be at home with my little family and in our own little bubble.

That car could have flipped on me like so many other cars have done in that exact same curve. I could have had to crawl out of my window, hurt. I could have not gotten in contact with my family. I could have…..could have, could have. But I didn’t. I am safe, the car can be fixed or replaced and life goes on.

No matter the things we lose, the people we lose, the world keeps turning. Money will come and go, cars will crash and fall apart, houses will flood, pictures will disintegrate, but at the end of the day, I have friends to meet me last minute for dinner and a man who drives me around wherever I need to go and two little furballs that know nothing of vehicle failure, bills to pay or anything other than their parents who come home to love them every day.


So today, a wrench was thrown in my smooth path. And that’s okay. Because I picked the wrench up, threw it on side of the road, crawled on the couch with my man and two furpeople and watched the Jungle Book on Netflix. Tomorrow, I’ll have a car to fix. But tonight? 

Tonight I’m going to take one step at a time.

Meag ❤

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