Body Of The Crime by R. Scarlett
Series: Blackest Gold, #2
Published by Self Published on January 30th 2017

Echoes of a Firebird received this book for free from Between the Sheets Promotions in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.


ARC Review

I have long awaited this book ever since Vein of Love came out. At first, I didn’t know how much I liked Tensley and Molly together. Tensley is part demon and that basically means he’s NOT allowed to love. Enter from stage left: Molly. Molly was promised to Tensley when she was just a wee little lass. And when they finally meet? It’s awful. He’s awful. But awful in a fungus way. How do I mean?

He grows on you.

Tensley fights falling for Molly, not only to keep a front for his demon heritage, but to keep her safe. If Tensley claims Molly, her chance for a normal life is over. Done. Bye. Outta here.


And since Tensley IS starting to fall for Molly, he tries to protect her by being cold to her and trying to make her hate him. But of course, like fungus, he grows on her. It doesn’t hurt that he looks like a god.


In Body of the Crime, Molly and Tensley are getting closer but Tensley is still wanting a normal life for Molly. He starts being very protective of her and pretty much thinks he’s the worst thing for her, but he can’t stay away. This, of course, makes us fall more in love with him. His worry and occasional snarkiness keeps our love alive.

All together, I think the sequel surpassed the first book and I’m loving our main characters more and more.

WARNING THOUGH. This book ends on a cliffhanger so prepare your poor defenseless little hearts. You must wait grasshoppers.

I’m so glad I was able to participate in this blog tour and cannot wait for #3 to come along!! 🙂

Below are purchase links for both book one and two WHERE AS OF NOW, BOOK ONE IS FREEEEEEE. Jump on it.

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