Ivy VoxBox Review

Hello friends! Sorry it’s been so long. I’ve been off and on sick the last few weeks and have just gotten to where I can sit back down with my computer again. We have a lot of catching up to do!

First off! I want to tell you all about a lovely site that I’ve joined that I think a lot of you will like. The website is called Influenster


Influenster is a site where you make an account, connect your social media sites and start reviewing things you’ve tried. That can mean different food products, hygiene products, or in my case…MAKEUP. ❤


The more you review, the more points you get. Then you get invited to join ‘Campaigns’. They will start to send you what they call VoxBoxes with free samples both small and full size products to try and review! So let me show you just what I mean:

I will be reviewing this month’s Ivy Vox Box (I received this products for free in return for an honest review from Influenster)


Included in my Ivy VoxBox:

ChapStick DUO Flavors Watermelon and Berry Sorbet

Trolli Mini Crawlers Share Pouch

Gillette Venus Razor

Nubian African Black Soap

7th Heaven Foot Lotion & Foot Soak


YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE. I had never heard of these before they were send to me and they are delightful. you take one of each and they snap together. You can then unscrew either side for the chapstick balls. They smell AMAZING. And I actually like them more than normal chapstick which I use a lot of since I have really dry skin and lips. These are a must try and they are very affordable.


Most of you have had had gummy worms, but these are itty bitty little mini crawlers and are perfect sized in my opinion. AND if you didn’t know Trolli just came out with Sour Brite SLOTHS you guys. Not kidding. Google it. These are tasty and since it’s a Share Pouch, the bag is actually FULL and not just a quarter of it filled like normal haha! Which actually makes it a normal bag to me. I DON’T SHARE GUMMY WORMS.


Now, if you’re like me, you have actually seen 7th Heaven products at WalMart and never thought to try them because they are so cheap! BUT THEY ACTUALLY WORK I’M NOT LYING. The lotion was my favorite. It was minty smelling and very thick and creamy. I usually avoid cheaper lotion because it usually means it’s runny and thin and that does nothing for my dry as the desert skin. The only problem I had with the foot soak is that I actually don’t have a foot soaking bowl so I actually had to use mine in the bath tub which really diluted it and probably made it not work near as good. It still smelled great and made my rock hard feet, softer. So next time, STOP and try one of 7th Heaven’s products because sometimes it’s just inexpensive, and NOT cheap. These run from $2.99-$4.99 depending on where you go.


I actually lucked out getting this razor because this is actually the exact razor I use already! Razor’s are always RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED for something that is so necessary in every day life. Sometimes I contemplate just not shaving anymore but it just feels weird to me since I’m so used to it already. Anyways, this one is still a little high for me but once you but the actual razor you just buy the refill cartridges for it. The Swirl has a little silver ball under the blades that makes it easy to navigate curves LIKE THE DEADLY BEHIND THE KNEE ANGLE THAT MURDERS ME EVERY TIME. Anyways, it has five blades which is more than average razor and is so smooth. It has protective gel/pad things around the razor to moisturize your skin as you shave so your skin doesn’t dry out. This product usually runs around $7-$12 depending on where you go (the more expensive is at Target ya’ll)


I saved the best for last. Like I’ve mentioned before, I have really dry and sensitive skin. And I actually have rosacea. Which means I have drier than normal skin with redness and bumps on my face. I was actually in the process of trying out different skin care products when my VoxBox came in, to help my skin. And this actually ended up being a huge relief! I use this as my facial cleanser. I take my makeup off first and use this bar on my face next. It completely clears everything off my face. It’s one of those soaps your skin actually feels different after you using and washing it off. Usually my skin gets too dry from using soaps but this was very gentle, but at the same time cleansing. After this I usually use a facial mask just because of my rosacea but people with oily or average skin types could probably use this product alone and be happy with it. This is a product I do believe I will actually keep buying after I’m done with this one just because it has become a part of my daily routine now and actually works. This product usually runs for about $2.90-$4 depending on where you go.

I really enjoyed this box. There isn’t anything that I received that I would not recommend to a friend. PLEASE, if you try anything from this box, let it be the Nubian African Black Soap. I absolutely adore it now. ❤

You really should take a second to try Influenster out. I almost didn’t believe I’d get anything but within one week I got my first box. Hope to have more soon to review soon from them! ❤

Use my referral code to sign up to give me a few extra points 😉



7th Heaven

Trolli    @Trolli Twitter


Chapstick Duo

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