Skye Release Date!

Skye is officially released from The Dragon Kings Series and it’s WONDERFUL.

I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for quite some time now. After reading Obsidian I’ve been in love with this unique, fantasy realistic series. 

This is the type of series that doesn’t stray from the characters you know and love. (HATE THOSE) Don’t get me hooked on people, continue the series then skip to some random hobo on the other side of the planet, I WAS DEDICATED. I digress, Skye does not do that. Skye focuses on the time that Rowan Winters and Skye are missing during one of the previous books (time running parallel to previous book). So DON’T skip around. Read the books in order! *Sternly wags finger at you*

 Now, even though there’s a little bit of a romance going on, let’s focus on the real wow factor of this series and it’s….. Drumroll………DRAGONS! Who doesn’t love dragons? Seriously. And they’re in the real world! Like, with us! They leave Hawaii for crying out loud. And if that isn’t enough for you, there’s huge mysteries and plot twists going on!! But anyways, Kimberly Loth is a wonderful author who cares about fixing minor mistakes, developing characters that we love and GIVING US WHAT WE DON’T WANT AND DO WANT. I say don’t because you play games with me with all of these cliffhangers Ms. Loth!! Got me thinking people are dead until months later. Shame on you. 

This book truly is a gem and you can get the series for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! We all love free stuff am I right?? 

Kimberly Loth is a wonderful writer and this series is really worth taking a chance on ❤📚

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