A Wizard’s Forge Review


Where has this book been all of my life??

I have never read anything like it before. So this book is about a girl named Victoria (Vic) and it takes place in the future of our own real world (takes a good while to figure this out). They are existing on some world far away from ours. Some don’t even believe the stories of a space ship of humans landing on their world after leaving their own, and think the people that do believe it (Vic) are heretics and loons. Anyways, Vic is living her life, minding her own business and she is kidnapped along with other younger adults like herself to be sold into slavery: Miners, workers and in her case, a Trainer Mistress. This means she wakes up with jewel encrusted bands around her arms, ankles and a belt around her waist and that’s it. The man who owns her doesn’t hurt or touch her but mentally abuses her so much that she forgets who she is, and becomes this puppet of sorts for him. Usually this is where I would stop reading a book. I do NOT like books about abuse or a girl letting herself go, especially a strong girl. But Justice wrote this in such a way where you wanted to support her and fight for her because she was trying to fight for herself. You never had to read horrible scenes or anything, you just knew she was miserable and wanted to get away and find herself again.

And when she finally does get away, her past follows her. The family that takes her in, helps her and raises her and she becomes a soldier. A very good soldier. But her past affects her current life like a plague. She is hit at random times with glimpses of what she went through and she finds it had to move on and even notice a nicer guys interest in her. She sees herself as not worth attention and feels exactly how someone in the real world would feel had they been mentally abused. And to watch Vic grow and heal is such a beautiful thing that I could not put this book down. AM Justice is a literary magician and I was wholly under her spell. I love Vic, and all of the characters that comes into her life both to harm and heal. Every character is carefully created and has such wonderful character development that you want to know everything that happens to ALL of them.

This book is a perfect read for Bully Awareness Month and I strongly approve and recommend it!

This is DEFINITELY a book you need to pick up. I would actually keep this story in my top favorites and I’ve read A LOT of books. ❤


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